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    ART WAVE FESTIVAL, through its creator, is the continuation of a major event organized in Greece and abroad with music and art being always the central axis.

    2016. «Deadbeat Escapement + action» .Artistic Festival as part of the celebrations for the 130 years of the Peloponnese newspaper organized in September at the Argiris Market in Patras. Over the course of time a very large number of visitors watched live music performances, exhibitions of the Visual Arts Patras Association, the Polymorphos and ASTOS Photographic Teams, video art projection of Italian artists ("The visual paths of Italian video art", edited by Silvia Grandi) the performance of the Derange theater Ensemble with the signature of the choreographer Marco Galanis. Stage along with deadbeat escapement band appeared Dimitris Korgialas.
    2016 «The Perpetual Blink». The second music album of deadbeat escapement is edited and released. The album is released in white vinyl in October 2016 and hosts five group compositions.
    2014-2016 Collaboration with "ΓΡΑΜΜΕΣ ΤΕΧΝΗΣ" Theater (Patra-Méezonos 271) in the planning of concerts for theatrical performances of Exhibitions and Seminars. It organizes charity events contributing to the gathering of money and food offered in institutions such as "Smile of the Child", "Ark of Love", "Red Cross".
    2013: ONIROUPOLI (Patra October 2013). Two-day Children's Festival which took place in the premises of AchiaClauss. 7,000 small and large visitors enjoyed Children's Theater performances with the work of Triviza "The Last Black Cat" by the Children's Smile Theatrical Group, Karagiozis performances by Elias Karelas, Thracians, Puppets, Musical Concerts and Interactive Games Treated Scout Teams and Crew 94.
    2012 A MUSE FESTIVAL (Astros 2012) .Embassy and organization of the summer Festival of the Municipality with the participation of Natasha Bofiliou, Pavlidis, Vassilikos, Graig Walker, as well as a large number of musical ensembles selected through the Art Apart Festival site.
    2012:    2nd Art Apart Free Camping Festival took place from Friday 6th to Sunday 15th July in the framework of the Patras International Festival and in the areas of the Beach of the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) .Free camping in 78.000sqm by the sea with 2 stages and 5 fairs premises during which they were carried out:
    LIVE (Vasilikos, Marietta Fafouti, My Wet Calvin, Playground Noise, B-Sides, Deadbeat Escapement, Biotech, X Darawish, Chris Anestopoulos Group, Feel In, and another 20 musical shapes selected from the Art Apart Festival site.
    THE EXHIBITION - PRESENTATION OF THE FIRST COLLECTION OF ART APART which hosts Abbie Gale, B sides, Bleach, CartePostale, Minor Project, Deadbeat Escapement, Marietta Fafouti, Playground Noise, Sleep in Pillow, LOST, Until a Better Name and Silence Fiction, aims to combine the collection of works art with the collection of music CDs. The cd - packaging cubes are 31 x 31 x 2.5 cm in size and circulate in 30 different panels - covers, each of which is available in 50 numbered copies. The works have been painted by the artists: Canuto Kallan, Ilias Aedondidis, Nikos Giavropoulos, Cornelius Grammenos, Elli Griva, Antonia Griva, Anna Karatza, Katerina Katsioura, Theofilos Katsipanos, Ioannis and Kopsinis, Christos Koutsoukis, Makis Kyriakopoulos, Marina Konstantaki, Fanis Logothetis, Giorgos Maraziotis, Christina Mitrende, Eleni Balakas, Tita Bonatsou, Katerina Botsari, Kostas Panagiotakopoulos, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Ilias Papanikolaou, Konstantinos Patsios, Panagiota Staikou, Maria Tocavidi, Alexandros Tsamouris, Giorgos Tseroni Panagiotis Ferentinos, Yiannis Christakos, Emilia Serdaki.
    DJ SET daily from 14:00 with the big party for the closing of the Festival with the participation of Dimitris Papaspyropoulos (Best Radio).
    ANIMATION with the presentation of the book by Spyros Siakas, film projections and Animation Film Creation Workshops.
    PERFORMANCES OF CONTEMPORARY DANCE, from the Dirty Dancing dance groups.
    FREE COURSES from Hatha Yoga School with (Hatha Yoga Mild Yoga, Ashtanga Dynamics, Vinyasa Flow Flow with Flow) also Pilates, Improvisation and Reiki (energy therapy).
    ART CRAFT with craft market with the participation of 30 Creators.
    2011:    Art Apart Free Camping Festival, which took place in the weekend from August 26th to August 29th at Patras Beach, with the participation of the 12 musical groups that won the Contest as well as 15 other guest Groups. A group exhibition with the participation of well-known visual artists and Video Artist was organized within the Festival.
    2011:  Art Apart School. The Festival took place in the premises of Old Arsakeio in Patras with the participation of 3 of the musical groups distinguished in the Competition and a guestgroup and the realization of the group exhibition of the 29 new artists selected. In the framework of the Festival, the Faceless Crew dance group presented a Break dance Show and the event was completed with a Drum n Bass DJSet.
    2009-10:    Artistic Festival "ART APART", two editions of which (October 2009 and April 2010) took place under the auspices of DEPAP in the area of ​​Achaia Clauss and Old Arsakeio in Patras. Musical Shapes (Puressence, Deadbeat Escapement, B-Sides, Deaf Adder, Surf Pistons, Grand Zero, Feel In, Survivor, Fata Morgana) Visual artists (Agni Stasinos, Alextidou, Andreas Krivas, Andreas Michalopoulos, Antonis Panagopoulos, Vanna Kalyva, Giannis Vlastaras, Dionisis Pantelis, Don Biletos , Irene Mavromati, Elli Barbaianni, Eni Mamidi, Irene Brati, Ilias Aidonidis, Ioannis & Kopsinis, Johnny Socca, Katerina Skarpentzou, Kostas Panagiotakopoulos, Christos Kosmas) and contemporary dance dancers (Maria Andriopoulou, Xenia Tourantzidi) participated in the Festival presenting their musical compositions, samples of their artistic creations and Performance of Contemporary Dance.
    2009-10:    The Inside Out Exhibition with 22 artists from Patras and Bydgoszcz, which is inaugurated in July 2009 at the "Old Municipal Baths" (Patras) and in February 2010 at the BWA Gallery (Bydgoszcz - Poland) . The exhibition accompanies a catalogue of the works of artists and critical texts of Yiota Konstantakatou.
     2004:    The release of the "Patra Sound System" cd. This collection comes in an attempt to record the musical creations of patrician artists and hosts compositions of: Serpentines, Moofs, Background, Giro Giro, Atas Didistha
    1994:    "ART BUS" ... and in this case the streets and squares are transformed into showrooms. 80 artists from  Bologna - Ferrara - Firenze - Ravenna - Roma - Torino.  School of Fine Arts students paint a board (200x100 cm) which is placed on the side of the Bologna public transport buses.
     1994:    "ARS LUX" ... 150  artworks of contemporary artists from around the world were printed with the VUTEK system on PVC by EUROPRINTING and IMMAGINE. The works were placed on the light boards used for advertising. The exhibition lasted for 2 months from 17 Italian cities.
    1991:    LIVE FEST ... a circus scene capable of hosting 1,200 spectators touring for two years (1991-93) in northern Italy by hosting artists such as ManoNegra, Salif Keita, Biaggio Antonaci, Giovannoti, Skiantos, Black and Brown, Casino Royal, Cassiepied etc.

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